5 Benefits of Using the Clover Mini for Your Auto Shop

Auto Shop

Transform the way you do business in your auto shop. New tools and new talent may help you offer improved services, but new Clover POS software is the lubricant you need to make your entire business run smoothly. Tune-up your business model to enjoy these five benefits while using the Clover Mini.

All-in-One Convenience

The last thing you need is multiple computer systems or business applications. The Clover POS software clears this all up by creating a single, intuitive place to organize all of your business. Create invoices, process payments, schedule appointments, manage payroll and track inventory from a single system. This all-in-one convenience helps you and your customer support team get to work and manage your business easier.

Compact Point of Sales System

A clunky computer takes up a lot of space in your office. The Clover Mini is a portable powerhouse capable of handling all of these business tasks in a compact size. It’s easy to walk around your shop or interact with your customers in the parking lot with your Clover Mini. This portable solution means you can schedule an appointment or sell a product wherever is most convenient.

Looking for something even more mobile? A Clover Go connects directly to a mobile phone for on-the-go payment processing. Connect this to a smartphone to swipe a card or accept a mobile payment with a pocket-sized POS system.

Easy Setup

If you’re concerned about learning a new POS software system, the Clover system can put your worries to rest. This system is easy to set up, easy to learn and easy to love. Connect it with your mobile app to receive alerts and track your business from any location. An easy setup means you can quickly train your customer service agents. If you have any questions, work with a merchant services agent for quick answers about your new POS system.

Auto Shop

Affordable Rates

Modern POS systems and credit card processing services are surprisingly affordable. Review rates to see how you can easily upgrade to state-of-the-art technology. In some cases, the monthly rate may even be lower than your existing POS system. Get great deals on the Clover Mini and other devices to keep your auto shop at the peak of technology. An affordable system frees up funds to invest in an additional POS system, which can speed up transactions at your shop.

Secure Payments

Your customers’ safety is top priority in your auto shop. You wouldn’t want to use a damaged part or improper repair technique, so don’t let an outdated credit card processing service put personal information at risk. Updated encryption prevents identity and credit card information theft. This feature gives your customers peace of mind as they pay for your services.

Tune Up Your Auto Shop Today

Swap out that old computer system for one of the best automotive POS system options on the market. Take a look at your Clover system options to see how you can improve your business model and bring in more customers at your automotive repair shop. Explore options and request a quote for an affordable Clover Mini or other device.

Author: Flavia