5 Best Extended Car Warranty Companies vs. Worst Extended Auto Warranty Companies

5 Best Extended Car Warranty Companies vs. Worst Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Is the manufacturer’s warranty on your new car about to expire and you have started looking for other coverage options? Well, buying an extended auto warranty might help you in this regard. Today, there are several companies that offer their own extended auto warranty contracts.

It goes without saying that all car warranty companies aren’t the same. There are many ways in which one extended auto warranty provider differs from another. And based on these differences, some companies have earned the reputation of being the best extended auto warranty provider. On the other hand, numerous providers have received the tag of being the worst extended car warranty company.

Let’s discuss the best and worst extended auto warranty companies, so you can understand what to look for in an ideal aftermarket coverage plan.

The Best Extended Auto Warranty Companies

If you are a car enthusiast planning to extend the coverage on your vehicle, doing business with the following five extended auto warranty providers might be in your best interest.


Affordable and effective at the same time, CarShield doesn’t have thousands of reviews online without any reason. It is touted for providing best-value coverage contracts. CarShield negotiates plans from numerous providers and bridges the gap between the warranty provider and the person looking to buy coverage.

Moreover, it boasts numerous coverage levels to help customers select the exact warranty plan that would fit their needs and budget. Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Aluminum, and Motorcycle & ATV are the said levels.

In short, CarShield has amassed widespread acclaim due to several perks it offers such as negligent deductibles, round-the-clock roadside assistance, impressive coverage plans for both new and used cars, etc.


While CarShield and numerous other extended auto warranty providers serve as middlemen between the customer and warranty providers, Endurance takes pride in dealing with all the issues you encounter with any of its warranty plans.

Endurance boasts six coverage levels i.e. Supreme, Superior, Secure Plus, Secure, Select Premier, and EnduranceAdvantage. The EnduranceAdvantage level is one of its kind since it not only acts as an extended car warranty but also includes vehicle maintenance services. Additionally, every plan comprises roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and several other perks including an Endurance Elite Membership that lasts a full year.

Protect My Car

One of the main reasons why Protect My Car has emerged as the people’s favorite is its easy payment structure that can be broken down into 36-60-month installment periods. Moreover, the warranties issued by Protect My Car come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Protect My Car offers three protection plans i.e. Supreme (similar to the manufacturer’s warranty on multiple grounds), Select (known for providing extensive coverage for vehicles with more than 50,000 miles on the odometer), and Driveline (Vehicles that have been in use for 8-10 years and driven up to 80,000 miles).

It should be noted that Protect My Car only offers extended coverage plans for vehicles that aren’t older than 13 years.


Carchex is an award-winning warranty provider that boasts several positive reviews online and is trusted by numerous leading brands. Moreover, its customer service quality is unrivaled. You can get all your questions answered and acquire all the needed information in a convenient manner.

Carchex offers five coverage levels i.e. Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Titanium, Platinum, and Gold plans offer up to 10 years of coverage. On the other hand, Silver and Bronze offer up to seven and six years of coverage respectively. All plans include round-the-clock roadside assistance.

Last but not least, Carchex boasts an extensive network of approved service providers across the US.

Concord Auto Protect

The list of best car warranty companies is incomplete without mentioning Concord Auto Protect. While it doesn’t provide a bumper-to-bumper coverage plan, it boasts three impressive protection plans i.e. Premium, Advanced, and Powertrain.

Additionally, Concord Auto Protect has emerged as an affordable alternative to many credible extended auto warranty companies. Moreover, all of its plans come with perks such as flat tire support, towing, fuel assistance, etc.

Traits of the Worst Extended Auto Warranty Companies

There is more than one reason why people refer to certain warranty providers as the worst car warranty companies. For starters, these companies carry a bad reputation. Not only do they have several negative reviews online but they are also not recommended by leading automakers. These companies can normally be found indulged in business-related incidents.

Moreover, it’s common knowledge that an extended car warranty isn’t as extensive (coverage-wise) as a factory warranty. However, that doesn’t mean these warranty contracts should exclude every component they consider worth excluding. In order to understand which parts are covered and which aren’t, you need to carefully read the contract.

Poor customer service quality is another trait of such warranty providers. You will find them unwilling to answer your questions and focusing strictly on securing the sale.

Moreover, these lackluster extended warranty contracts are estimated at surprisingly high prices despite having incomplete maintenance records.

Here are five extended auto warranty companies that didn’t sit well with drivers:

  • US Automotive Protection Services
  • Department of Warranty Services
  • Direct Buy Auto Warranty
  • ASAP Warranty
  • US Fidelis


The way how an extended warranty provider treats its customers as well as the extent of coverage it offers speaks volumes about its credibility.

We hope that this article did a good job of introducing you to some of the best extended auto warranty companies while warning you about the red flags found in the worst warranty providers.

Author: Flavia