Aturro Tyres

Aturro Tyres

For a long lasting and reliable brand, the Atturo premium tyres brand is just for you. Made to carry and wheel any vehicle model, the priority of the company is to design cars for the needed durability and then making It affordable for millions of car owners around the world.

These brands also offers the ability to withstand extreme climate conditions such as cold, arid and rough terrains. When you purchase an Atturo trye brand, there is no going back from the wonders of innovations it has to offer.

The tread design are suitable to last for a long time due to the state of the art materials and compositions used for the design of these gentle beasts which assures durability.

Attiro tyres are also famed for their healthy range of varieties that can be sure to serve to the needed satisfaction for each and every puropose. Before getting one for your vehicle today, make sure it matches your driving taste and vehicle requirements alike.

Due to the ever evolving competitive rates in the tyre market, provides the perfect environment for you and every other customer with an enhanced grip and the most comfortable driving experience out there.

Yearly, Atturo tyre brand are known to be very attentive in reaching the demands of comfort and safety in SUV, Crossover and light truck vehicles with their style, ruggedness and power. Like the Trail Blade series, treadings are made with cutting edge designs and a standout quality to match which is evident with its doodle-like blades embroidery.

Below is a list of Atturo tyre series;

AZ 850 Series

Larger outer treading and rigid block to obtain balance and maximum control.

Noise resonance minimality.

Excellent wet grip/braking.

Increase direction and stability.

Increase water dispension.

AZ 800 Series

Increased size, dimensions and load bearing power for SUV, Cross over, and Light truck.

Silica based treading for durability and long lasting tyre life.

Excellent traction.

Certified international standard quality.

Infinit treadings for high speed capacity and endurance.

Trail Blade A/T Series

Large shoulder blocks.

Outstanding wet grip.

Rim protection from curbs and debris.

Improved handling and control.

Made with standardized pure oil composite to meet cutting edge standards.

Presence of multiple sipes for all-terrain compatibility. (Ice and off-road tracks)

 Trail Blade Boss Series

Deeper and ample channel blocks for easy debris removal.

3 ply sidewalls for better load bearing.

Centralized tread blocks for high grip in rocky terrains.

Blade and handle shapes for good traction in muddy/slippery surfaces.

Trail Blade M/T Series

Rugged shoulder blocks for strong grip in slipping surfaces.

Aggressive sidewalls for maximum traction.

Reduced noise resonance with centralized treading.

Extra deep treading for off-road tracks.

 Trail Blade X/T Series

Availability in both LT and metric sizes.

Presence of 3-ply sidewall for all terrain conditions.

Knifeblade sidewall and rim guard for protection.

Larger shoulder blocks for excellent grip in slippery terrains.

Multiple sipes for icey road traction.

Dial a tyre Dubai by contacting the help line centres for a more broader information on purchasing you own Atturo tyre brand today!

Author: Flavia