Cars For The Signs


Early in the morning when we open the pages of a newspaper or flipping through a magazine and our attention directly goes to the zodiac section to check and run through the course of diurnal activities they should follow and the ones they should avoid for the positive outcome of the day most of us are completely alien to the fact that these constellation groups that forms our zodiac not just predicts our day but can also provide answers to several mundane yet important aspects of our life. For example what do you see when you buy a car , the mileage, interior, colour but will you be surprised if I say that Zodiac can also play a crucial role so that you can void any malefic curse latched to that car and you can avoid unpredicted accidents. Astrologers say that every sun-sign has a particular car written for them.

Astrologers have picked these cars based on the position of the position of the planets and the characteristics trait following the zodiac reading.


Bold and flashy is the key when it comes to describing an Aries. Belonging from the ruling planet Mars it is very easy to explain why it would be best for an Aries to buy a car in their lucky colour red.  Aries loves speed and they also love to awestruck people with the way they drive. According to study a Red fiery yet stylish Chevrolet Cruze might suit their personality well.


Ruled by the planet Venus this zodiac is highly materialistic in nature so needless to say that they will buy a car that will boost their pride and will make them a likable individual among the social crowd. They will always lean towards a big car that can accommodate more than usual. Astrological reading predicts that the best car for Renault Lodgy , it is expensive but it also has a hint of sensibility and practicality.


The dual natured zodiac symbolized by twins can constantly change their mind , they are indecisive but at the same time they are very picky with their choices they wont settle if it is not the best. They are talented creative and always up for everything so it is applicable that they will go for an automobile that that is funky and allows adventure. Gemini would surely like a car which is in green so a Chevrolet Beat will suit you.


Ruled by the celestial object moon Cancers are travellers of night. Their personality includes shy and a little withdrawn so they might not necessarily be up for a car so knowing their car choice through Zodiac reading can give them proper insight about these type of decisions. Cancerians will easily be tempted by the colours blue, white and sea green so it is advised by astrologers that Cancers go for Ford Figo that will suit them the best.


The royal sign of Leo will surely have special interest in automobiles specially when it comes to cars. Bold colours like Red, Gold , Orange suits them as they are under the element fire. A bright yellow can also suit them just right. The reason behind the selection of these bold colours is that Leo always want to be noticed in the crowd. A striking orange Fiat Avventura should meet the desire and requirements of a Leo.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury but unlike Gemini they don’t change and are indecisive. Their personalities are very much reserved and content to everyone’s taste. When it comes to buying automobiles they are not risk takers and would rather sit for a safer option. No flashy colours fond them rather a nice soothing pastel shade is more of their taste. A car that will suit Virgo is Volkswagen Jetta.


The ruling planet being Venus this Zodiac is gentle and kind for sure but also have an immense amount of style brewing in them constantly. They also lead a very prominent social life where they are known to the crowd so a Light Blue Mahindra Scorpio can not only provide them with the pleasure of driving but also accommodate all the friends they acquire.

young-handsome-man-choosing-car-car-showroom_1303-20414.jpg (626×417)


The sign that dwells on mystery and magic will surely like a car straight out of a movie. The scarlet colour describes them the best and they will surely like their automobile to be the subject of attraction among the crowd. A Fiat Linea with is customer base that can also provide the comfort required can fulfil the necessities of a Scorpio


Ruled by the biggest planet Jupiter people under this sign are born with an innate uniqueness. They have their own formula of doing anything and when it comes to buying nice materials they will always take their own advice and work on it. Yellow and Orange are the colour for Sagittarius because of element fire. A yellow Skoda Octavia Rs will help them to fulfil their needs and also boost their pride.


Capricorn is more of a practical crowd and whatever decision they take there is a serious thinking and contemplation behind that selection and the same effort will be applied when they are considering to buy a automobile specially car. They are more into neutral colours like black, white and brown which will give their car a much needed professional look. So according to astrology an Audi A8 L would perfectly fit the criteria.


Aquarius are the water sign which is rebellious in nature, needless to say every decision they take has to go against the social norms accepted by everyone. Their choices include bold flashy colours which include crazy electric components. A Tata Xenon will do the work of being nice and rebellious together.


Pisces are deep thinker and a lot of soul searching is bound to go behind their selection of car. They are gentle sensitive and their colour choices include white and simple pale or nude colours which describe the personality perfectly. Pisces cannot be fooled either because they have a good taste in everything so a comfortable yet trustworthy Toyota Altis will be a perfect choice.

Author: Flavia