Comparison of Korean Brothers in Spirit: KIA and Hyundai

Comparison of Korean Brothers in Spirit: KIA and Hyundai

Korean auto manufacturers have won the love of US consumers. They can boast the latest technology, are reliable, and have a long service life. KIA and Hyundai belong to the budget class, but which brand to prefer? The Indy Auto Man used car dealership pros answer this question, comparing these automakers. Read also a complete overview of Korean cars.

Manufacturers in the US Market

These automakers are very similar, so it is hard to find differences between the cars they produce, except for the design. Each brand actively develops new vehicles and expands its model lineup, but Kia has a wider range. Hyundai focuses on reliable and simple cars. If we compare the versions of Rio and Accent, then the second one will be more affordable. But Kia models, with other parameters being equal, have better quality finishing materials and more spacious interior designs.

Availability Of Parts And Prices

There will be no problems with the purchase of parts for cars of Korean brands in Indianapolis or any other big city in the US. They are easy to find and inexpensive. Korean cars rarely break down, but if you have to repair them, it does not ruin your budget.

Manufacturers recommend installing original spare parts on cars and performing maintenance on time to extend the vehicle’s life. The gearbox and engine are the most expensive to repair but are rarely required. The Korean manufacturers provides a 3-year warranty. If a breakdown occurs, a car owner may contact the service center, and they will replace the parts free of charge.

Body and Interior

Korean cars of two-layer sheets. The leading layer is metal, and the second layer is a zinc coating. The protective coating has a thickness of 0.005 inches.

The weak point is only the extreme area of ​​the body and the welding points. But Korean manufacturers solved the problem simply: they treated all the body panel joints with a sealant for insulation. 60% of the body is galvanized. The Kia Rio has a zinc-coated body but not a roof. Since basically, only the bottom of the carrots, the manufacturer economizes on the galvanizing to reduce the vehicle’s cost. This technology is used on all Korean cars.

As for the interior, the only difference is in the design. Hyundai’s interior is more conservative. Kia has a more youthful design and good electronic equipment.

Behavior On The Road

Many motorists prefer to compare the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata models to choose the winner of the two Korean brands. The handling of both models is almost the same. The cars behave well on the track when driving at high speed and cornering. The six-speed gearbox shifts quickly. The brakes respond instantly to any commands. In terms of handling, both models can be compared with the Toyota Camry, which is superior in driving characteristics but also more expensive.

Hyundai reveals new Sonata Hybrid in Seoul - Autoblog

Shortcomings of Models

Most owners of Kia and Hyundai identify the following shortcomings:

  • Kia cars have insufficient sound insulation and stiff suspension.
  • Hyundai models also lack sound insulation, and the ground clearance is too low.

What to Choose?

By buying cars from Korean brands, you get an inexpensive but high-quality vehicle that will allow you to feel confident and comfortable on the road.

It is impossible to say which car is better: Hyundai or Kia. Cars of both Korean brands are popular among US buyers. They are reliable and stylish, so buying a used model from a reliable dealer is a good choice. Such autos will serve well for a long time.

Korean manufacturers improve their technologies every year. So when buying a car from a Korean brand in the secondary market, it is better to choose among vehicles no older than 2010 to get the optimal specifications and everything required for comfortable and safe commutes.

Author: Flavia