Different Types of RVs and Their Features Explained

Different Types of RVs and Their Features Explained

Recreational vehicles (RV) are very popular here in Australia and the growing number of caravanners each year means that more and more people are interested in giving them a try. An RV is a motorised vehicle that functions as a portable means of accommodation while you’re out on the road. They feature all of the amenities you need for a comfortable living space like a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and more. RVs have come a long way and the majority of these vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to make life that much easier when you’re outdoors.

Given that there are so many different types out there, it can be difficult for first-time caravanners to choose the right RV. Different RVs have different features and knowing more about these vehicles can help you pick the right one for your needs. Here is everything you need to know about RVs and their boatload of features.

Camper trailer

A camper trailer is a small, lightweight trailer that features basic amenities for storage, sleeping, cooking, and everything you need to move around. It also has extendable tent berths and a pop-top roof for additional headroom. Camper trailers are fairly compact and are one of the most affordable RVs around. You don’t need a vehicle with plenty of horsepower to tow this RV since it’s not as heavy as its larger RV cousins. All told, a camper trailer is a great choice for those who want a compact, lightweight RV that is easy to maneuver and is light on the pocket as well.


The caravan is the standard RV of choice for many caravanners due to its spacious interior and well-rounded feature-set. Caravans can fit a shower, a full-sized kitchen, a toilet, and even a double bed for long-term stays at your chosen spot. If you plan on staying in an RV park, a caravan is an excellent pick as you can take full advantage of its amenities by connecting into a water and electricity hookup. Since caravans are bigger than a camper trailer, you’ll need a proper 4WD to be able to tow the additional weight.


An expanda is a smaller version of a caravan that combines both practicality and luxuriousness into one RV. Considered by many as the bigger cousin of the camper trailer, an expanda features a collapsible bed that tucks away neatly when not in use. Think of it as a hybrid caravan that offers all the space you need for comfortable living but is offered in a more compact, streamlined package. It’s lighter than a caravan which means less horsepower is needed to tow it outdoors and you get much-improved fuel economy. Expandas come in many different varieties like full-height and pop-top expandas for even more versatility.

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A pop-top RV is similar to an expanda in that it features a pop-up roof for more headroom. The low-profile design means less wind drag while you’re out on the road, thus making it easier to maneuver than its other RV counterparts. One notable feature of a pop-top is that it’s capable of erecting an awning to provide shade during sunny days or protection during inclement weather. Basically, a pop-top combines the comfort of a conventional caravan while maintaining a sleek profile that’s relatively easy to tow.

Toy hauler

If you’re in for a big adventure, then you may want to consider getting a toy hauler. As the name suggests, a toy hauler is a type of RV that features a portable garage in the rear where you can carry your sportbike, adventure bike, or even your jetski. These RVs are built with the free-spirited in mind who likes to tackle big waves and tall sand dunes. Toy haulers are also customisable and can fit a variety of external accessories like external hoses or solar panels. There’s no compromise when it comes to toy haulers as it comes with the standard amenities like a shower, kitchen, and even a flat-screen TV.


Planning on bringing plenty of troops with you but you don’t have a vehicle to tow an RV? A motorhome might just be the right one for you. A motorhome is an all-in-one RV that features a vehicle motor and a rather large living space. Motorhomes are more suited for individuals who value convenience above everything else since you won’t have to worry about towing anything at the back of your vehicle. These types of RVs are geared towards maximum comfort with a full-sized kitchen, multiple beds, and a transformable dining area. The only downside is that a motorhome is mighty expensive and factor in its hefty weight, you will have to shell out top dollar for this luxurious RV.

Choosing the right type of RV

All of these RVs are capable of serving you well in the great outdoors and will do a great job of bringing your home away from home. That said, an RV is a huge investment and you want to pick the right type of RV that suits your needs. Do you want a light and compact RV with outstanding fuel economy? Or do you want a big and spacious RV for maximum living space? At the end of the day, it all comes down to your needs and personal preferences which you can find help through RV Parts Express. Make sure to weigh your options carefully and use this article as a reference to help you make an informed buying decision.

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