Digital Printing, Vinyl, or Screen Printing: Which is the Best for Your Security Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are an essential component of most security vehicle fleets. They allow individual cars to stand out from the crowd and make them more easily identifiable, which is crucial for safety reasons as well! Vehicle marking can also improve employee professionalism by giving them a trustworthy appearance. And will put people at ease when they’re around your patrol car or trucks with awesome designs on them.

But the real deal here is, what material should you use for designing your security vehicle? With a number of materials available in the market, which of these would be fitting to your design preferences. In this short guide, we will give you an overview of the most popular design materials used for vehicle graphics, and guide you through your decision-making.

Screen Printing

This type of production process involves silkscreen and vinyl stickers for printing decals to security vehicles. Screen printing is usually know for t-shirt manufacturing but it can also be used for adding decals to the windows of every vehicle.

This process uses paints and this is the reason why it lasts long. Screen printing is best for producing a large volume of decals. For this sole reason, screen printing can be very cost-effective if you are producing a huge amount of security vehicles.

Vinyl Wrapping

With the recent rise of car wrapping, it is now possible to give your vehicle a whole new look. The vinyl film has been applied with extreme precision and skill- not just one but many different panels on each individual section can be customized for an even more unique design. This process only comes from highly-trained specialists who specialize in this type of work.

Vinyl wraps come with a wide range of colors with both glossy and matte finishes. They are highly customizable since vinyl wraps can be applied and removed easily without damaging the actual color of your vehicle.

Wraps also promise low maintenance, meaning they can stay shiny and intact even with just water and soap. You don’t need to apply wax after cleaning to make it shiny again, unlike their painted counterparts.

Digital Printing

If you wish to customize the designs of your security vehicle decals, you can choose digital printing. This uses plain vinyl film, either glossy or matte, and a large printing machine.  What it does is that the machine will print you unique, customized designs for you.

Just like how vinyl wrapping works, digital printing is very easy to apply to your security vehicle. The only difference is that vinyl wraps offer flat and plain colors, while you can go all-out creative with digital printing. You can literally print your station logo, badges, and name of your station.

So… Which Production Process is the Best?

To answer this question, it actually depends on your preferences. These process are equally advantageous in their own ways. For example, screen printing is best for stations that want to cut cost for customizing the security vehicle.

We mentioned earlier that screen printing can do bulk customization for a huge number of fleets. Also, they are long lasting. Meaning, you can make the most out of it for the long period of time.

If you are also interested in customizing the vehicle to cover up the scratches on its paint, you can go with vinyl wraps. This process would be best if you prefer to change up the overall color of your vehicle without actually paying much compared to using paint jobs.

Digital prints would be fitting for you if you want to highly customize your fleet with unique prints and patterns combined with your station logo or badge.

In fact, you can do two or three of these processes. How will it work, you ask? Well, if you want to repaint your overall security vehicle while having unique prints and badges then you can go with vinyl wraps and digital printing. This process uses vinyl films, the only difference is the former is plain and simple while the latter is more in the creative side.

Your Fleet, Your Choice

Customizing your security vehicle graphics doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s not mad science and you don’t have create some hypothesis and experiments. Making your fleet decals cool and stunning is solely based on your preferences and company standards.

You only have to make sure that the choice you make is not what you would regret doing. Another thing you need to consider is your budget. Is going all out customization gonna hurt your station’s budget?

Luckily there are local companies like Graphic Designs International  that offer security vehicle graphics that considers your budget while recommending you what production type would be best for your fleet.

Author: Flavia