Features To Consider When Choosing A Riding Jacket

Features To Consider When Choosing A Riding Jacket

Other than my helmet, my jacket is the second most important part of my riding gear. It is not only meant for good looks and protection from elements but also protects our bodies in the event of an accident.

However, it is not uncommon for most riders to stash their jackets away just because they are cruising the neighborhood or the highway at low speeds. This is mostly due to bagginess or bad weather, that is, it is either too hot for their heavy jackets or raining crazy to wear a non-waterproof jacket, leaving a raincoat as their only go-to option.

It is, therefore, crucial to get your riding jacket right, of course with your cosmetic addiction in mind, and comfy enough to use at all times. Here are a few aspects to consider while choosing your fit from your motorcycle trader:


Most bikers prefer leather jackets to textiles. Although, whether it be synthetic textile or some other combination of materials, it should withstand abrasion, wind, and prevailing weather.

Therefore, looking into a wear-resistant, long-lasting, and waterproof jacket is a great starting point. Inspect for motorcycle jackets Australia impact protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back as well.


Your jacket sizing determines your comfort while in it. Whether you go for a closely tailored one or the standard size – which can be a little commodious – ensure it fits just the way you want it. After all, it is not an item you’ll want to be replaced a week later.


The air passage is a great deal depending on your jacket’s outer material. Riding in a leather jacket during winter can be quite convenient in keeping you warm. However, on a hot summer afternoon, such heat predisposes you to hyperthermia. It is therefore recommended to have ventilation zippers on your jacket to keep proper air circulation.


Every riding jacket should have a reflective lining for night visibility to other drivers or in fog.


Carrying a bag with me whenever I’m riding is usually a great deal of inconvenience. A multi-pocketed jacket always saves the day. Both internal and external pockets are worth having more storage space. The more the merrier!

Storm Flaps

These are usually convenient in keeping out cold air. Flaps along the zipper, either internal or external, will help keep the zipper in-check and protect your chest from cold.

Author: Flavia