How to Choose Images for the Perfect Photo (Custom) Prints

How to Choose Images for the Perfect Photo (Custom) Prints

Photographers invest a lot of time in developing excellent skills to click fantastic pictures. But, even if they have to make a lot of effort, they do not find it difficult.

What they feel challenging is to choose the best photos from their unedited images. They get puzzled about the pictures they want to keep, and ones need to pass by.

So, do not spend much time agonizing over pictures and worrying about throwing away good clicks. Instead, follow the tips below to choose perfect photos for custom prints. You will feel rewarded by viewing your art enhancing the interiors.

Don’t Click a Lot of Pictures

When you click hundreds of photos, you have to go through every image to select the perfect one. It can be a daunting task. So, while taking pictures, wait for perfect moments, then push the shutter.

It will save your time and effort. Moreover, you don’t have to go through or throw away so many images. So, while clicking pictures, carefully notice the composition and focus.

Choose Pictures that Reflect your Personality

The pictures you choose for wall decoration show who you are and tell about your personality. Isn’t it surprising? Well, two photographers can take the same picture set. But they choose different photos as per their style.

It makes you stand out from others. So, make sure to choose what you admire. Then you can customize them to get desired prints of photos.

Leave Blurry Photos

Reject the photos, which are a blur and have softness. Sometimes, expressions in blur photos are adorable, but they look horrible when you stretch them on canvas. You can not fix blurry pictures, so better to leave them automatically.

Eliminate Similar Images

Sometimes you have more than two similar pictures. You may feel them cute, but pick only one photo from that collection. It might be challenging to give up your hard work, but nobody wants the same image.

Decide which photo represents your style in a better way. Check sharpness, brightness, and other aspects to pick a suitable picture.

Choose Black and White Pictures

While choosing different photos for colored or textured frames, pick black and white images. They will prevent a cluttered look. These prints give a more unified view. These pictures are perfect for creating a gallery in the hallway.

You often forget about this area. So it would be best to create a focal point with these types of images. For instance, keep a colorful family photo in the centre and other pictures around in black and white.

It will create an eye-catching view. To make more impact add pictures in black frames or white structures.

 Choose Pictures Whose Colors Match Your Décor



Make sure to pick prints with colors complementing your décor. If you don’t have matching pictures, you can transform them with Photoshop or other photo editing software. You can also experiment with the hue, saturation, or luminance of different colors.

Select High-Quality Pictures

While choosing photos for custom prints, it is good to use images taken from high-resolution cameras. It will prevent picture quality from degrading even if you get photographs enlarged.

Though the high-resolution images are much better, do not worry if a selected image was not clicked through the DSLR. You can print or enjoy photos taken on a smartphone with perfect canvas designs.

Consider Photo Display Location

Before selecting an image for custom printing, be thoughtful about where to hang a canvas print. For instance, there is no point in choosing a large family portrait or panoramic photos on limited vertical space.

Also, if you display a tiny photograph on a blank wall, it will look really awkward. So while choosing pictures for print, think about the display type and space you have.

Faces Always Attract

Humans are fascinating creatures. They always notice the face of a person more than other views or objects. They feel a picture is more eye-catching if people are smiling or showing some emotions in it.

You often neglect pictures with beautiful objects because of a person smiling in a pic. Your eyes directly move there and find it more interesting. So, choose photos of you, your family or friends enjoying doing some activity.

These pictures are more suitable for getting a customized canvas printing and decorating the walls of a room. But ultimately, the choice is yours.  Hang whatever you like more because you are the one who will see it more.

Let’s Wrap Up

Hopefully,  you know all the factors now for considering a picture for custom printing. Also, make sure to check the size of the photo and available space dimensions before printing.

Moreover, look if you lost any part while cropping it. Last, determine that size is sufficient for a canvas print that too with high resolution.

Author: Flavia