How To Modify Motorcycle Suspension According To Your Weight

Motorcycle Suspension

Sydney may be one of the busiest cities in Australia, but it can still serve as a playground for motorcycle riders in the country. There are numerous motorcycle routes to go to if you want to see the beauty of New South Wales’ capital city. If you want to have an exhilarating ride with the majestic Blue Mountains in your background, you may choose to head west to the Bells Line of Road. You may also enjoy the exciting twist and turns of riding through a forest by going to the Black Spur on the Maroondah Highway. To get a view of the sweeping countryside to take a short break from the hectic city life, you may bring your trusted bike to the picturesque Oxley Highway.

But if you want to have fun while riding your motorcycle, you must always ensure that your ride is well-maintained. You need to have it checked regularly to ensure that it will not break down in the middle of the road. One of the first things that you should always inspect is the motorcycle suspension Sydney. The suspension is a very crucial part of the motorbike. It helps provide comfort and stability as you ride, as well as contribute to the handling and breaking of the two-wheeled vehicle.

However, there are times when the efficiency of the motorcycle suspension will only work correctly based on your weight. If you start to feel that the suspension is working extra hard during your ride, you might have to adjust it to fit your body weight. Adjusting the motorcycle suspension Sydney requires several tweaking and test drives to check if it will already work to your specific needs. Here is a detailed guideline on how to adjust your bike’s suspension.

How To Fine-Tune Motorcycle Suspension

If you own an older bike, you must take the motorcycle suspension out and put them back in its adjusted form for modification. But the latest motorbike models nowadays already have knobs and suspension screws that you may tweak to change the settings.

Motorcycling enthusiasts know that preload and sag work together to tell you how much the motorbike sags each time the rider sits on top of it. The preload mentions explicitly how much the bike should be adjusted to justify the weight.

To know your motorbike’s preload, you must measure the length of the extended suspension, the length of the suspension at rest, and the measurement of the suspension when you ride the bike. There are plenty of ways to calculate the accurate preload value, but you may choose to use the percentage method. It requires you to take the extended rear suspension and divide it with the suspension located under your sag.

If the result is under 30%, you must lessen the amount of the preload by spinning the motorbike’s retaining collar upwards. If the result is more than 30%, you need to turn the retaining collar downwards for adjustments.

You also need to adjust the rebound of the bike to improve the handling. It can be done b turning the adjustment knob to learn the total number of clicks that you need for a perfect rebound. It is also necessary to check if your motorcycle has the capacity for compression adjustments. If it does, you need to tweak it according to the capacity of your motorcycle suspension Sydney to help the two-wheeled vehicle to handle bumps and breaks better. Once all these adjustments are already in place, you can start adjusting the bike’s height in conformity to your weight.

Motorcycle Suspension

Best Practices When Adjusting The Motorcycle Suspension

When measuring the suspension, you may ask your rider friends to help you took into the measurement the tricky areas under the bike. They will also allow you to handle note-taking while you sit on the motorcycle to look into the measurement of the payload and other areas of the motorcycle.

It will also help if you are wearing all your gear when testing the payload and sag of the bike. The added weight brought by the gear will also have a significant impact on the motorcycle suspension. Once everything is in place, you can make all the necessary adjustments to ensure that your ride will be as smooth and as safe as possible.

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