How To Properly Take Care Of A Rental Car

How To Properly Take Care Of A Rental Car

When you want to explore a brand new location, renting a vehicle is definitely something to consider. You do not have to follow tourist routes and you can just plan absolutely all the stops that you want. Basically, one of the biggest advantages of rental car in Ukraine or anywhere around the world is that you get to go on the roads that are less traveled.

The problem is that when you explore the roads that are less traveled, you will go on bumpy, old roads. In such conditions, it is difficult to keep rental cars working in tip-top condition. Because you are on holiday, you will surely drive for a long time and you might have to deal with season conditions. Everything takes a toll on the car and you are responsible for the rental. With this in mind, what should you do?

Stay On The Paved Roads

When you sign a rental agreement, you quickly figure out the fact that you are only allowed to drive on the roads that are paved. This is much more common than you might think. If you go off-road, there is a very good possibility you will lose your deposit whenever something bad happens.

Keep in mind that off-road does not mean that you drive across bushlands. Even driving on sand, gravel, and grass are considered to be off-road driving. When you get bogged down, you end up having to deal with zero deposit back and really large fees.

The car might end up stuck and surfaces can easily get damaged when you drive across unstable grounds and loose gravel. Rocks and small pebbles will fling from tires and scratch car paint. When you drive behind another person, the windscreen might end up chipped or cracked. Due to this, you have to be sure that you play things safe and that you stay on smooth, nice paved roads.

Keep The Car Clean

Before you return the rental, you do not necessarily need to clean it. However, whenever it is particularly dirty, there is a very good possibility that a cleaning fee will need to be paid. The best thing that you can do is to quickly clean it on the outside and on the inside. You should do this before you give the car back to your dealer.

A very important tip to remember is that you should just clean the car by hand. When you go to the car wash, you might end up with unexpected damage that can lead to the deposit being lost. Car wash stations usually have self-washing sections. You can always get a sponge, some soapy water, and then get the car cleaned alone. If you decide to do this, make sure that you clean all windscreens and windows so you remove all dirt and smudges. In addition, do not leave rubbish inside the vehicle. Food is particularly dangerous since it will lead to some unpleasant odors.

If you want to get your deposit back and you do not have to deal with extra expenses with your car rental, make sure that you follow the two tips above.

Author: Flavia