How To Save Money When You Hire A Van In Aucklan

Hiring a van can get expensive. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with using a few tips to save money where you can. Here are six tricks you can use to make sure that the cost of hiring a van in Auckland doesn’t exceed your holiday budget.

  1.   Hire In The Off-Season

Vans are hired for various reasons – from camping trips to holidays with friends. You could find a van in the off-season when it’s more affordable. You know that summer is the season when everyone wants to go camping, so if the majority of people are hiring vans in summer, then the rental fees will be more expensive. Plan your trips around seasonal rates, and you’ll make a significant saving on rental costs.

  1.   Book Early

No one likes being unprepared. Booking your van early means that you could be rewarded with a discounted rate. It also means that you could find a more affordable model at the rental company. When you hire too late, your only viable option could be a van that’s too big or too expensive because the more affordable vans have already been booked. You can also do the research ahead of time to find a price you can afford.

  1.   Book Directly With The Rental Company

When you hire through an agency, they typically put a markup on the prices of their vans. If you contact the rental company directly, you’ll be paying the company’s rates alone, and not someone else’s at the same time. Sure, an agency can be helpful, and they’ll handle the majority of the planning for your trip. However, they can be considered a luxury, especially when you’re trying to stay within a budget.

  1.   Book Carefully

Did you know that with some rental companies, their prices fluctuate, regardless of the season? This means that it can be peak season or not, and you could still pay a different rate from one day to the next. When making the booking to hire a van in Auckland, make sure that you book carefully, with the best combination of dates from pick-up to drop-off. You’ll be able to do this if your itinerary is flexible, and it could save you some money.

  1.   Pick Up The Van When You’re Ready To Start Driving

When you pick up your rental van, you might think it would be better to rent it for an extra day or two before you leave on your trip. Maybe you want to take it for a test drive, pack it carefully and allow for latecomers when you’re ready to go. Although being this prepared is a good thing, it isn’t so great for your wallet. You’ll still be paying for those two extra days where you aren’t using it as transport. If you want to save money, pick up your hired van when you’re ready to pack your luggage so you can get going immediately.

  1.   Be On The Look Out For Deals

When it’s off-season, you might be able to find a few deals on van rentals, which might just be what you need. Spend some time before you make any concrete plans for your trip, and do your research. Look for deals that coincide with the dates you’ve saved for your vacation because you might be able to save some money on discounted rates.


Booking a vacation with friends or family can be really exciting, but it can also be expensive. Even if you’re splitting the expenses per person, it still might get costly. If you’re trying to cut costs to make the fee more comfortable for everyone, start with van hire in Auckland. You’ll be able to make some significant savings and still have a great holiday. Contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals for our van rentals today.

Author: Flavia