The Environment Friendly Net Zero Carbon Plans of Formula 1 Racing

The Environment Friendly Net Zero Carbon Plans of Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 announced a plan to be Net Zero Carbon by the year 2030. This initiative is expected to cover the entire operations carried out on the sport, which include the Formula 1 cars, the track, and any other operations related to the sport.

The plan was actually realized after 12 successful months of intense work with all the relevant bodies that are involved in this sport. These bodies include:

  • FIA
  • Sustainability experts
  • Formula 1 racing teams
  • Partners and Promoters of the sport

From their meetings in the 12-month period, all the bodies came up with an ambitious, yet highly achievable effective plan. The carbon reduction process from the Formula 1 sport are expected to begin immediately. This is because the vision is to turn this sport into a more sustainable franchise for the long-run.

F1 Technological Advancements and Innovations

We all know that Formula 1 has been and continues to be at the very front of technological advancements and innovation across history. The innovations realized in this sport over the years have directly and widely benefited the automotive industry at large. And some of these recognizable advancements that originated from the Formula 1 tracks and into road cars include:

  • Aerodynamic innovations
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Safety developments
  • Composite materials
  • Navigation tools

These and more innovations from the Formula 1 sport have been widely embraced by the automotive industry globally. And as more advancements are on the way, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing them in our road cars as well.

The ability of this sport to impact the automotive industry so immensely has established it as a global platform that accelerates progress in innovations. For this reason, both the sport and the entire automotive community at large are expecting something special from this new move to make the sport Net Zero Carbon by the year 2030.

Why Formula One is Different from Other Motor Racing

The Net Zero Carbon Plans from Formula One is just one of the many things that makes this motor racing division so different from the others. The many advancements and innovations of F1 are not only geared towards making the cars faster and faster, but also more efficient and this is now adopted by the sport in general and not just the racing cars. It’s why Formula One is different from other motor racing and the reason why the sport has so many passionate fans around the world.

Experience the Innovations Upclose During a Race

F1 teams are already well on their way to be more environmentally friendly. If you want the chance to experience the innovations upclose during a race then the best way to do so is by buying tickets to what is called the F1 Paddock Club. These are the premier seats on any track of the season and tickets include many extras such as gourmet food and open bar during the whole race weekend.

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Author: Flavia