Tips To Choose a Riding Jacket

Tips To Choose a Riding Jacket

A riding jacket is an essential element of the riding gear. It protects and also makes you look stylish on the road. Below are some tips to watch out for when choosing a riding jacket.


Leather is the go-to for most riding jackets. The lower range jackets are made of non-woven mesh. These jackets are water-resistant and are held together by a textile fabric lining. These jackets are, however, vulnerable to wear and tear. The other choice of material is textile fabric jackets.

They are more resistant to rips and tears but are not water-resistant. This can be quite a disadvantage when it starts raining. Leather is the most expensive but the most reliable option out of the three. These jackets are, however, the worst when it comes to breathability. They rely on air vents on the jacket for air circulation.


It is essential to get the right size when shopping for a riding jacket. It would be best if you focused more on the shoulders. Look to go for more oversized jackets so that you don’t feel like the jacket is pressing on your shoulders. However, you should not go for an oversize, as the jacket would be hanging from your shoulders. Once you are happy with the shoulder size, you can weigh other options.


A comfortable fit for a riding jacket is as important as its protection capabilities. The jacket should neither be too loose nor too tight. You should also wear it comfortably in any weather condition, summer or winter. The length of the sleeves should be perfect so as not to interfere with you when holding the handlebars.

The jacket’s fit should also be good and should hug your body perfectly. Many jackets come with two options, the street fit and the touring fit. The street fit is suitable for short rides and cruising around. On the other hand, a touring fit is comparatively loose and more protracted. This enables you to wear it for even longer durations when touring.

Impact Protection

The core reason for purchasing a rider jacket is protected from accidents or adverse weather conditions. Most standard jackets come with CE level 2 protection for both the elbows and the shoulders. You can opt for jackets with CE level 2 protection for the back for more protection. You should check on the protectors to ensure that they are in their dedicated places and are not moving around. You can also wear a jacket to ensure that the protectors are not pressing against your body.


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Reflectors are essential on riding jackets too. They aid in night visibility and can help the motorist avoid accidents. The reflectors glow in the light from another vehicle and make your presence on the road noticeable, especially at night and in bad weather.


When choosing a riding jacket, you should always ensure that the thickness of the jacket should be at least one millimeter thick. If you are involved in a crash, your skin won’t be damaged on the road due to the friction.

Air Vents

Air perforations in your riding jacket are essential too. They help with the air circulation inside the jacket and keep you cool, especially during the peak summer days. The absence of these events might leave you sweating in your thick leather jacket.

Removable Liners

The presence of liner in your riding jacket can prove very important, especially during the winter. During the winter, you have to cope with the freezing temperatures and the chilly winds while on the open roads. The liners ensure you stay warm and cozy and ensure that your average body temperature remains the same during these extreme conditions. Most riding jackets come with a removable liner, which you can easily unzip from the jacket’s interior.


Although not quite essential, it can be helpful to go for a riding jacket with several pockets. This accommodates your accessories, such as a wallet or mobile phone. The pockets are pretty convenient during your rides as you can carry your utilities without much hassle.

These are several factors to consider when choosing biker jackets. Going for the right one is critical as it will offer you much protection and be more convenient for you during your rides.

Author: Flavia