Top Four Elements To Check Before Purchasing A Jeep

Top Four Elements To Check Before Purchasing A Jeep

The car industry in the US is a $10 trillion industry with a 25% share of the economy. Arizona contributes $2 trillion with its major auto industry. Chandler, within Arizona state, is a center for automobile manufacturing, with three plants that make big cars, Jeep, and trucks.

When it comes to Jeep, there are excellent options available like the New Jeep Grand Cherokee in Chandler with brilliant features and cool style. Of all the automobiles, the Jeep is one of the most remarkable creations in the automotive industry. It is believed to be an iconic symbol of freedom. The Jeep was created in the late 19th century and was one of the first mass-produced vehicles to be sold in Chandler.

Buying a Jeep is not a mere purchase but an investment. Thus, it is wise to look for specific features before you make a decision. Here are some more essential elements of a Jeep that you must look for before buying.


The undercarriage in a Jeep is the part of the Jeep between the front and rear axles. It is made up of two parts. The lower part is called the rim and is attached to the front part via a single piece of metal.

The upper part is the body and is attached to the frame via a more complex suspension system. The vehicle’s frame is the primary structural member. It is designed to provide good stability and prevent the vehicle from tipping over.

The undercarriage in a Jeep provides structural support for the frame and is crucial to the vehicle’s stability. It also acts as a carbon fiber frame, absorbing the shocks and vibrations of bumps.

It is the most crucial feature to check as you can quickly assess how old or how new the Jeep is. Do not get it if you find there is no frame or a corroded frame. Without a quality frame, a great engine or low transmission miles cannot save a Jeep from tripping over.

Skid Plates

If you will buy a Jeep for off-road purposes, make sure you also check for skid plates. They help in protecting the guts of the Jeep from rocks or any other objects that have the potential to harm the Jeep from the ground. Please take a close look and ensure it is new by looking for scratches, scrapes, dents, and rusts.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the distance between the wheels and the ground. It should be measured at the Jeep’s wheels. Ground clearance is essential for safety as well as mobility. The best way to measure the ground clearance is to try to drive a Jeep from the same height and distance from the ground; this will give you an idea of the ground clearance of the Jeep.

The importance of ground clearance for any Jeep depends upon the terrain and the purpose of the vehicle. A vehicle needs to negotiate unseen, steep surfaces and move over rocky terrain, traverse rugged terrain, and overcome obstacles. The need for ample ground clearance is significant if you buy off-road vehicles like the New Jeep Grand Cherokee in Chandler.

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Wheel Articulation

Wheel articulation is one of the essential elements in a Jeep. It is believed to be a significant factor in Jeep handling and dynamics. In Jeep driving, this wheel is the center of rotation. It also affects the steering, brakes, and suspension. The articulation of the wheels is essential because it allows the wheels to move quickly and smoothly. This factor is known for the relationship between the driver and the Jeep; and the vehicle and the road.

Low-End Torque

Low-end torque is utilized for towing purposes. The proportion of torque is a critical attribute that can be measured in an actual power unit. It becomes essential to check for it because it determines the efficiency of operating devices and the speed of the motor. A torque sensor must be placed on the motor shaft to achieve the correct torque ratio.

It is calculated as a ratio between the force required to turn the wheel and the torque created by the revolution. In many cases, the overall torque is low, but the application of low-end torque allows for an ample wheelbase with a limited risk of understeer. However, low-end torque is also used in some production vehicles to control and maintain steering stability while cornering.

In Conclusion

Even used Jeeps are good in their performance after a proper service. So, understand the capability of a new Jeep, check the features and enjoy the incredible performance. Never compromise for anything less than a brand new Jeep can offer.

Author: Flavia