Unplugged Performance of NRS Tesla Model 3 EV Brake Pads

Unplugged Performance of NRS Tesla Model 3 EV Brake Pads

With gas prices at historic highs, there has never been a better time to be an owner of an electric vehicle. But what about the parts needed to repair and maintain your Tesla Model 3? When it’s time for a brake pad replacement, you want to make sure you are using the best products available for your electric vehicle in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Below we will talk about some of the best brake pads available on the market today, the NRS EV Brake Pads.

NRS has taken their award-winning galvanized brake pads with NRS technology and specifically engineered them for hybrid and electric vehicles. Why did they do this? Well, your electric vehicle doesn’t brake the same way your old car used to, so naturally, a new kind of brake pad was needed.

Better for the Vehicle

Traditional painted brake pads using painted metal and conventional adhesives are prone to issues such as drying, cracking, and flaking, which allows the egress of moisture and rust. With NRS Mechanical Attachment Technology, these brake pads have the friction material physically attached. That means they won’t delaminate for the pad’s life and never rust, crack, or flake. Designed specifically for EV vehicles that use an electric motor for the slowing of the car and less use of the brakes, this helps to avoid premature brake failure, moisture buildup, and corrosion.

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Better for the Environment

You likely purchased your EV to cut down on fuel costs and because it was safer for our environment. NRS Brakes believes that if your vehicle is better for the environment, so should your brake pads. They are environmentally friendly, adhering to the new low copper requirements under the California and Washington restrictions. With no paint, no copper, and lead from delamination, edge lift, shim debond, and delamination, there is less waste to make it to our waterways. These brake pads are much kinder to the planet.

Better for your Wallet

NRS Brakes are affordable and long-lasting. Your EV is bound to be around for quite a while, and the less you have to make costly repairs, the better. These Tesla brake pads have zinc-plated protection, so they won’t need to be replaced because of back-plate corrosion before they are worn out. That saves you time in the shop and money in your wallet. With more durability and longevity than traditional brake pads, you can be sure they will stop sooner, be the quietest, and last longer than your average pads.

NRS Brakes offer brake pads for almost every make and model, including the Tesla Model 3 EV. You invested in an electric vehicle. Now invest in the right brake pads that have been specifically designed for your vehicle. They are the longest-lasting, quietest brake pad in the world and now one of the most environmentally friendly. EV Brake Pads.

Author: Flavia