Why Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria Are in High Demand

Why Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria Are in High Demand

Buying a tokunbo car in Nigeria could be a wiser option depending on what side of the spectrum one operates from. However the legendary fact remains that the appeal of new car right from the reflective Cosmetic and metallic body to the interior sweet smell, invokes some sort of spirit when friends and relatives sees it for the first time. It is a settled fact that a new car, surely heralds a status symbol that lets the world know with fanfare and pageantry that one has arrived.

In spite of the frills and bell accompanying the purchase of a brand new car, why then do buyers go for used cars in Nigeria? The reason is simply because of economic realities. Most buyers knows that buying a brand new car is by far a better option but are constrained by limited budget. Though there are some significant benefits of buying a new vehicle, the financial cost in terms of price, maintenance and insurance are prohibitive. This means that tokunbo car market in Nigeria will continue to be on the rise in the foreseeable future.

Advantages of Buying a Used Cars

Warranty Availability: Used cars bought from certified dealers are most likely to have a warranty that extends beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty. This is because they also have been carefully inspected, reworked and given a new face lift with new sensitive components that bears their own warranties. Factory trained technicians relies on extended manufacturer warranty to repair used cars with quality parts and speedy service. On the whole, certified tolunbo cars meet manufacturer’s established standards and guarantees comparable to that of new cars

Lower Prices:

Used cars are normally priced much lesser than new one, thereby saving you some big bucks in terms of fees, insurance and vehicle depreciation. The benefit that comes with lesser price is that it gives you the flexibility of setting your eyes on luxury cars. You can buy more used cars than you would have been able to buy if they are new. One major advantage of buying a tokunbo car is luxury. If you are the type that like luxury cars, chances are that you might not be able to buy the latest model in vogue. But a two or three years old of same vehicle could perfectly fit into your budget. Again, car manufacturers do not change the design of a new model every year. so the tech and style differences of brand new car and two or three years old of same brand are hardly noticeable.

Depreciation Factor:

tokunbo cars suffers less depreciation than new cars. This is because much of the depreciation has already occurred earlier and repairs paid for by the previous owner. It has been proven time and again that new cars loses focus and depreciation at a higher rate in the first one year of purchase. used car on the contrary depreciates at a much slower rate for obvious reason that it is not the model in focus. A used car is not valued in terms of depreciation but rather on how well maintained the car is by the previous owner. New cars are the vehicles that suffers recalls and other technical glitches which used cars may never suffer because such issues have already been fixed


Though it is well known fact that buying a brand new car is an asset and a paragon of beauty, it could well be argued that buying a used car is a much better option and investment – as it frees you some extra bulks to take care of other urgent and pressing issue

Author: Flavia