Why You Should Rent An Exotic Car To Take To London

Why You Should Rent An Exotic Car To Take To London

London Public Transportation

The city of London relies heavily on public transportation helping people get from one destination to the next. Whether it’s taking the bus to get to work, the underground to get to the airport, a bike to a friend’s, or a taxi service to your parents house, London is always bustling.

While many people use public transportation as a cheaper alternative and to reduce their carbon footprint it does come with cons. There is always traffic on the streets with endless honking and people sitting in their cars annoyed. Simultaneously there are people just as annoyed sitting on the bus and in taxis/ taxi-like driving services running late to their destination. Bikes share the street too and must be careful weaving in and out of traffic, the tube is always jam packed with people and oftentimes there are random delays, just adding more time onto the daily commute.

Let’s Drive To The Airport In A Luxury Car

A destination many people rely on some form of public transportation to get to is London Heathrow Airport (LHR). The underground is cheaper than a cab or many chauffeur services but it can be a hassle dragging all your bags into the train cars while battling with crowds and the doors shutting.

There are always unannounced delays too which you think you take into consideration when calculating the time it takes to get there, check-in, get through security, and get to your gate. You hop on the tube with more than enough time ready to go but then you end up sitting at a station for 20 minutes for no reason adding stress and anxiety. You nervously sit there tapping your foot and constantly checking your phone for the time, calculating the remaining amount of time before it’s time to board.

Who likes this feeling? No one. It’s horrible. You want to be packed, organised, and have a smooth sailing trip to the airport or home, but then one little mishap throws you all off and you end up rushing everything, desperately trying to get to your gate hopefully with time to spare.

London Exotic Car Rental Services

For those who want a comfortable and spacious ride to LHR, there are always alternative car hire services. With services such as Uber, FreeNow, or Bolt they typically have an estimated rate but you don’t know what type of car will come to pick you up. You can ask for a standard sized car or a bigger car (XL), or some apps offer exotic car options, such as black SUVs or exotic cars.

Luckily, for those who are searching luxury car rental london there are many services who provide such cars. Whether you want to take a Jaguar convertible to the airport to appear elite, or an Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for the space, regardless of the luxurious car you rent, most, if not all people will select this car rental service to the airport as a way to exhibit their social status.

While comfort and space are nice to have when traveling, going the extra mile and renting from an exotic car service elevates the experience making you feel first class. It’s a nice feeling waking up bags packed and ready to get to the airport with a reliable mode of transportation.

The Pros And The Cons Of Exotic Car Rental Services

Using these rental services lets you compare real-time prices of various luxury cars, their availability, and prices to LHR from you. Of course, by choosing this transportation option, there are pros and cons to look out for before choosing the exotic car:


  • Gives a reason to experience what it’s like being in an exotic car
  • The rental cars are kept in impeccable shape
  • Driving comes with training, helping you to handle the vehicle and improve your driving experience


  • The cost of driving excotic vehicles can be high due to insurance costs
  • Some people drive the car for the experience but don’t feel entirely confident driving the car, which can lead to a higher risk in an accident

Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes, and for some, renting from an exotic car service to take you to LHR may be worth the expense. For others it’s done to show off their wealth, and for some, it’s completely normal and that’s the mode of transportation they always choose when going to the airport. So whether you’ve ever rented an exotic car to take you to the airport, it may be a fun thing to experience once in your life! Or if you prefer, you can stick to your desired mode of transportation to the airport, but fingers crossed you make it to your gate with time to spare!

Meta description: Exotic car rentals help elevate your experience to the airport, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort. All you have to do is sit back and let the feelings of a smooth luxurious car take you to LHR meeting your time schedule. There’s no need to worry about delays on the train or relying on cars to come pick you up. Of course like any rental service there comes pros and cons, many having to do with the price, but if this isn’t a normal thing for you, how often will you have the chance to rent an exoctic airport and casually take it to the airport? If you can, give it a shot at least once in your life! Sitting and/or driving in an luxury car is a whole different feeling and even if it’s just to the airport, it can make your whole travel experience different, more relaxed. And, imagine rolling up to your terminal in a Rolls Royce, honestly who wouldn’t love experiencing that feeling of first class even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Author: Flavia