5 Leadership Qualities of Great Executives

5 Leadership Qualities of Great Executives

It is commonly said leadership isn’t made for everyone. But in reality, it boils down to cultivating good habits and acquiring specific qualities that produce a great leader. Here are our tips for becoming the most effective leader you can be.

Team Player

What is a leader without anyone to lead? Part of being a good leader is understanding that you are still part of a team. Whether that team entails three other people or a building full of people, a team is a team. This means you need a number of connected skills so that your leadership style is an effective one. Being a team player entails being approachable so that you can efficiently communicate with those that work with you. Good ideas can come from anybody. It takes a real leader to listen well enough to recognize good ideas and do something with them. This also means knowing that communication is a two-way street. You must not only be able to listen well, but also convey your ideas and thought just as well. Transparency with your team is a must. Things go more smoothly when everyone is on the same page.


Yes, being a visionary involves planning for the future with gusto and creativity. It also means having courage when it comes to the how-to aspect of things. Leadership requires the ability to take calculated risks to help propel you and your business forward. There is a big difference between being reckless and being risky. The key is to find the line and establish yourself firmly on the latter side. Leadership requires a risk-taker understanding every element of the risk. This means that in some cases, you will come out unscathed no matter what choice you make in relation to the risk. However, your colleagues and employees may not be looking at the same output. A good leader will value their team as much as they value the business, as the business would probably not be what it is were it not for their many contributions. Visionaries take all of this into account when pushing forward their plans and goals.


A good leader has integrity in every instance, inside and outside of work. Constantly grooming your moral compass to point North will ensure that it does so even when you’re unconscious of it. This comes with honesty, even when it is difficult and may negatively affect your image or possibly hinder immediate business. Building a reputation of honesty and integrity is much more important and beneficial in the long run, as many successful leaders reach their heights by climbing stairs founded on trust. There is also the issue of loyalty. As a leader, you may not notice that loyalty is a necessary quality. Loyal to whom? Your business, and everyone that is a part of it. Cutting corners, mistreating staff, letting staff go or experience unfairness for your benefit, or business’s benefit, is disloyalty. That is the mark of a failed leader. All great leaders are at the forefront of a great team of people that wholeheartedly support and help them. This kind of relationship is cultivated through loyalty, and, much like communication, loyalty should also be a two-way street.


Commitment is one of the most important qualities for any aspect of success, be it scholarly, business-related, or leadership in general. Ambition is only step one. Without being committed to the processes and journey between setting and achieving a goal, you remain stagnant. Commitment is often coupled with motivation and determination. These determine whether or not you are able to get things done. Being able to finish what you start is a life skill, not just a leadership one. This requires you to tackle everything with the passion and drive of someone who will not walk away until the job is done. Many of these things cannot be done without focus and realism. Realistic goals are achievable goals, and unrealistic goals are time-wasters. So take the initiative, but also follow through. Strategy is golden, but dedication is priceless.


A great leader knows how to interact with other people successfully. Networking is vital for anyone that wants to move forward in any respect. For this, a strong EQ is needed. Emotional intelligence is just as important as IQ, if not more important. Understanding how other people feel, think, behave, and interact is key to reacting and responding is the correct manner. This helps you build successful relationships and establish yourself as a good leader. This is not something that can be done with little or no care. Engaging with others as what can be known as a people-person is something that must be tackle with sincere enthusiasm – another quality of a great leader.

In today’s market, being a leader can separate your business from all the competition. Utilising these tips, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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Author: Flavia