5 Things You Should Know About Hyundai Tucson

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Being a car enthusiast, there’s no doubt you’d be ecstatic about the launch of the new Hyundai Tucson. The name of the car is enough to excite fans all over the world. Since its launch in 2015, Korean manufacturers have been coming up with regular updates that just add to the functionality of this SUV. The demand for the Tucson has been increasing steadily since its release. You can easily get a great deal at several Huntsville Hyundai dealerships. However, the best deal you will find is at Bentley Hyundai.

But before you make the final decision, it’s better to look at a few features and know about the basics of this SUV. So, let’s get started!

●      Fuel Economy

Hyundai is trying to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. Going green isn’t always an easy choice but with new technology it’s easier than ever.

With the help of the cutting-edge technology that’s part of the newer models, the manufacturers have played their part in making this world a better place for all. The models now come with reduced fuel consumption, which helps to decrease their CO2 emissions levels by 7%. 7% may not seem impressive but every little thing counts when it comes to saving the planet and ensuring a better future for all generations.

●      Award Winning Design

You love Hyundai Tucson, we love it, and everyone loves it! There is a reason behind this SUV’s widespread popularity. The look of the Tucson is certainly the best part about it and it also has several accolades to its name.

Hyundai Tucson’s design isn’t the only great thing about the car; fans all over the world also love it’s driving performance. The German Auto Test 2017 survey is a testament to its success, where Hyundai Tucson scored the first position.

Right after its launch, the Tucson was awarded the iF Design Award in 2016 because of its sleek design. The same year, it was also awarded the title of the ‘Best Car of the Year 2016’.

The cascading grille adds volume to the whole design. It has become a trademark, and fans just can’t get enough of it. But that’s not the only feature that sets Tucson apart from the rest of the SUVs.

The Tucson was given a new look with the help of the uplifted front bumper, the new wheel design and the skid plate. The 2020 design saw some more changes. The bumper was reshaped, fog lights added, rear bumper and tailgate were redesigned and the dashboard was upgraded. The integrated touchscreen got a makeover and looks more like a tablet now. Lastly, new air vents were added, which gave the dashboard a completely new look.

●      The Interior

Many people may think that the design of the interior is bland because of the black and beige dual-tone. However, there’s no denying the functionality of it. It’s the small things that the manufacturers have kept in mind to provide their customers with the best of everything. The seats are comfortable and have a range of adjustments. Plus, the touch points for elbows and knees have been padded to provide utmost comfort.

●      Safety features

The manufacturers have left nothing to be desired with the new Tucson model. A rearview camera, an automatic emergency brake and a forward collision warning are just some of the safety features that make the Hyundai Tucson an innovative model in the SUV category.

Lane keep assist and driver drowsiness monitoring are two more features of this SUV that make your driving experience even safer. If these aren’t enough, you can also opt for some additional safety features that include a surround-view parking camera system, electronic stability control, pedestrian detection, hill-start assist control, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alerts, side and curtain bags, vehicle stability management, downhill brake control, and much more.

All in all, you can be sure that you and your family will be safe in Tucson because the numerous safety features don’t leave much to be desired. Reviewers have rated these safety features highly, and the Hyundai Tucson has received an overall rating of 5 stars.

●      Innovation of Fundamentals

Hyundai Motor has been in business for long, but it’s their ability to adapt to the changing industry dynamics that have helped them become a household name. They upgraded their development philosophy and pledged to work thoroughly on the ‘innovation of fundamentals’. This decision was taken before the Hyundai Tucson was launched, and it turned out to be the first SUV that featured the development upgrades.

Based on the new philosophy, the fundamentals of the car have been designed with great care. All aspects of the automobile benefitted from the upgrade, be it performance and safety or durability and handling. By innovating the basics, the manufacturers have made sure that you get the smoothest ride of your life along with an unrivalled level of comfort.


So, now that you know about the new features and the enhanced traits of this new version, waste no time in getting your hands on your own Hyundai Tucson. When it comes to safety and performance features of the car, you know you can get the best possible upgrades that the manufacturers have to offer.

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