7 of the Best Luxury Vehicle Brands

7 of the Best Luxury Vehicle Brands

If you are looking to purchase a luxury car, you’re probably searching for a reliable, high-tech, sleek vehicle that delivers on power and class. If you don’t have a specific dream vehicle in mind, it’s challenging to choose the perfect luxury car for you. The brand of a luxury car is often as important as the make because the brand could influence the cost of your insurance, where you can access repairs, how much new parts cost, and the depreciation of your new car. Here are the top seven luxury vehicle brands to help you choose the best luxury car for your lifestyle.

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Porsche is the best luxury vehicle brand with its long history of producing reliable, fast, and beautiful luxury cars. Besides its legendary 911 sports car, Porsche has created a line of luxury SUVs that enable families to drive in style. For many parents craving a luxury car, the lack of a back seat makes a 911 an impractical purchase. However, Porsche’s range of luxury SUVs and other family cars means you and your children can travel in luxury, safely. Porsche has also stepped into the electric car arena with the Porsche Taycan. If you want to save on gas while protecting the environment without losing style, this model is perfect. The company also has several hybrid options, including the Porsche Panamera, a sports car with four doors.

7 of the Best Luxury Vehicle Brands


In the news often because of its eccentric and Twitter-star owner Elon Musk, Tesla cars are known for their high-tech interiors and luxurious exteriors. Which means you will want to protect your car from weather damage! Although a new Tesla will cost you dearly, you’ll get a quick-to-accelerate electric car that screams luxury.

Several models can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.3 seconds, including the oldest model, the Tesla Model S, making it the third-fastest production car in the world. However, unlike other luxury cars that boast similar acceleration speeds, many of the Tesla models can seat five, with a backseat and four doors. People interested in sustainability will also love this brand. Since all its cars are electric, you can save the environment in style.


This new brand started as an off-shoot of Hyundai in 2015 and quickly became an established company in its own right. Although it only offers a few models, they all have excellent performance stats, great accessories, and a sleek look. The flagship SUV model is ideal for many Americans looking for a luxury car that can do it all. The price point is competitive, allowing more people to experience owning a luxury car. However, although the cars are fantastic, the company is still young. For those who want a more traditional luxury car experience, it may not be the best choice.


Founded in 1883, Mercedes is the oldest car manufacturer and has proven its dedication to excellence and luxury many times over. Except for SUVs and trucks, Americans can buy a Mercedes vehicle in almost any style. With a Mercedes-Benz, you know you’re purchasing quality backed by experience.

Mercedes has released several less expensive luxury sedans, attracting more customers concerned about the high ticket price of their top-tier vehicles. These cars have the same performance reliability and include many high-tech safety features as the high-end options.

The top Mercedes models are packed with new technology, including accessories, safety features, and acceleration, letting you cruise safely in luxury.


Powered by German efficiency, BMW is another staple in the world of luxury vehicles. Choose from convertibles, SUVs, crossovers, and sedans to get your ideal luxury vehicle. If you’re more interested in performance than looks or technology, BMW often sets the industry standard. JD Power has awarded BMW the Performance Award for 21 years consecutively, proving its commitment to excellence. With the increase of BMW cars’ popularity in the U.S., it has become easier to find mechanics familiar with the German brand’s inner workings. BMW is a fantastic luxury brand with a wide variety, high performance, and exceptional accessory options.

7 of the Best Luxury Vehicle Brands


Lexus is a well-known brand, loved for its comfortable, reliable luxury vehicles. Since it’s the luxury division of the widely popular and reliable brand Toyota, many new luxury car buyers are drawn to Lexus. Although the company has added some sportier cars to the mix in recent years, Lexus has always focused on offering reliable, high-performance cars with a luxurious interior.

For those who love well-integrated high-tech accessories, Lexus may be a disappointment. Many car owners disliked the integrated Remote Touch interface, partially because of its unwieldy joystick and touchpad, which pulled drivers’ attention from the road for too long. However, the 2020 Lexus RX added a new touchscreen element, making the entertainment center easier to control. Some new Lexus vehicles now also support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it straightforward to control the entertainment system with your phone.


British company Jaguar is world-famous for its speedy, classic sports cars and luxurious sedans. In recent years, the company has also added some SUVs and an electric car to its collection to attract new customers. Unfortunately, although Jaguar vehicles measure up in speed, performance, and luxury, they often fall short in reliability. You may need to repair your Jaguar often, which can quickly increase your costs.

Protect Your Investment

Whatever brand you choose, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected from the elements, accidents, and thieves. Besides purchasing a full-coverage insurance plan, finding a safe place to store your luxury car, and committing to regular maintenance appointments, you can keep it safe using a car cover. If it’s possible to keep your luxury car inside a garage, you’ll still want to protect it with a car cover to prevent scratches and dents from occurring. Part of owning a luxury car is the look of the exterior, and an indoor car cover can help you maintain a pristine appearance for longer.

Drive in Luxury

A luxury car is always a treat, and any of these brands can provide you with a fantastic product full of futuristic technology, impressive acceleration statistics, and beautiful detailing. Owning a luxury vehicle is a dream for some, and choosing one of these brands can help you feel more secure in your purchase. Whether you want a reliable luxury car or a sporty high-speed vehicle, these brands have an option for you.

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