Different Types Of Car Tie Downs

Car Tie

In auto-hauling, there are two methods of securement for your vehicles: chains and straps. As chains are made from steel and do not rip, many people in the car hauling industry prefer it for securing vehicles. However, chains can cause damage to vehicles, and car frames often get the brunt of the harm. Chains are hooked directly to vehicles which can cause the hooks to get pulled and pushed away and more in the process. Additionally, if you don’t use the right hooks, you will have an even bigger problem. Cars damaged by chain-secured vehicles often need to be salvaged, or “rescued” by professionals.

For many professionals in the vehicle industry, straps such as car tie down straps are a better alternative. Made of polyester webbing; they are perfect when used for hauling. Car tie down straps slides over the wheels easily. Because they can stretch up to 3%, but make sure to check on them frequently.

Various Kinds Of Car Tie Down Straps

1. Axle Straps

On trailers or flatbeds, these create securement by the axle. E-Track Rails are one of the tools used to create security. Your vehicle will not move nor cause any damage when you use axle straps because Cordura sleeves protect them. These sleeves protect the webbing of the straps and are perfect car tie down straps. Axle straps are tightened by ratchets which connect with snap hooks.

2. Side Mount Wheel Nets

Side mount wheel nets wind around the tire of the vehicle. They create a sturdy securement from four to six various points. Ratchets tighten the wheel nets in place. Side mount wheel nets can fit any wheel size and are ultra-adjustable.

3. Lasso Straps

These are the more commonly used straps in car securement today. They are easy to use and require no time at all in tying and securing a vehicle. They are considered very safe and convenient.

4. Wheel Tie Downs

Wheel Tie Downs offer great securement for vehicles and are one of the most commonly used car tie down straps in the market today. They are made with hardware such as chains and twisted snap hooks. They additionally use RTJ hooks. Wheel tie downs are similar to traditional ratchet straps.

Which Car Tie Down Straps Should I Pick?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Car Tie

  • What is your vehicle’s weight?
  • What is its weight distribution?
  • What are the minimum and the maximum number of securement points I should use?
  • Do I need extra protection from sharp edges?
  • Have I taken into account the sharp corners of a rim and the tread of the tires?
  • Will I be passing ditches?
  • Will there be mud or sand around?
  • Will there be heavy winds where I’m passing? Will there be rain or snow?

Depending on your answers to these, you would have to stop and check on your car tie down straps several times while you’re on the road. Your straps could get weak with the wear and tear of the journey as they stretch as well. You would need to retighten them perhaps or redo them altogether. Meanwhile, check for damage and movement. Once you get the hang of them, your trip will be a whole lot smoother, no matter what elements and problems you may face.

Author: Flavia