Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption, Truck Fuel Consumption

Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption, Truck Fuel Consumption

Tips To Improve Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption

Improving heavy truck fuel consumption by 1 MPG can save you more than $10,000 per year. Fortunately, for you, there are a lot of simple ways to get it better. Let us explore how.

  • Lessen Cruise Speed

This is one that may seem evident, but going faster means you are going to burn more fuel. Every 1 MPH increase in speed leads to a .14 MPG cut in fuel economy!

  • Keep an Eye On Tire Pressure

Tires with flow air pressure drop off the fuel economy. For every 1 PSI drop in pressure, the fuel mileage can be cut by 0.3%.

  • Do Not Overfill the Tank

When fuel is heated, it can start to expand. This signifies that if you fill the tank to capacity, the expanded fuel can lead the tank to overflow and waste fuel.

  • Lessen Idling

Just idle the truck when absolutely required. An hour of idling burns roughly a gallon of fuel, as a result, increasing the truck fuel consumption.

  • Keep Away from Avoidable Stuff

The more weight that is in the truck, the more it has to work to move down the highway. The truck already carries thousands of pounds, keep away from making it carry more than it has to.

  • Stay Away from Needless Driving

If you are going to go out of the way to stop for fuel, you might as well make use of the restroom and buy any stuff you require, with the purpose of staying away from going out of the way to stop again in a few hours later.

  • Take The Shortest Route

There are often a lot of dissimilar ways to get to the same destination. Take the route that necessitates the least amount of driving with the intention of making use of the least amount of fuel.

  • Make Use of the Momentum

Remember, the foot does not always need to be on the gas pedal, burning fuel. If you see a hill coming up, utilize the downward part of the hill to build speed.

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Author: Flavia