Life As a Truck Driver

Life As a Truck Driver

It’s not a career for everyone, but it’s a great alternative for people who love the open road and can’t see themselves working in an office every day. From the outside, being a truck driver seems easy. You find truck loads available, accept jobs, and drive around the state or country making deliveries. The job is actually much more than this, though, and before you decide to invest in a commercial drivers license class you should know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Basic Duties

The main responsibility of truck drivers is to deliver cargo from one place to another. This could be raw materials such as gasoline or chemicals, or parts for mechanical equipment such as oil rigs or factories. This is just one small part of the job, though. A truck driver also has to be familiar with the mechanics of his truck so he can do safety inspections and emergency repairs if something happens on the road.

Aside from these tasks, truck drivers also have to schedule their routes and make sure they can meet delivery deadlines. You will have to factor in rest stops and time spent at weight stations, as well as keeping in line with all driving laws and regulations. Keeping logs is incredibly important for truck drivers and their bosses to know they are getting adequate rest during a shift.

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Job Requirements

You can’t simply walk into a truck driving job with no experience. All commercial drivers need to have a special license that requires taking an intensive course in driving safety. You will also need to be able to drive on interstates and highways for most of your day; so if you tend to fall asleep at the wheel, this isn’t the job for you. Finally, you’ll need to be able to adapt to road and weather conditions.

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