Top 5 Automatic Fails On Driving Test

Top 5 Automatic Fails On Driving Test

The practical DMV road test is the last step before getting your New York driving license. It is significant to prepare for it as you would do for any other regular exam. Few mistakes can be allowed during the road test. You will have a few points deducted from your overall score if you make one of these mistakes. However, some common driving mistakes beginners make leads to automatic fails on driving test no matter what their test scores would otherwise have been. Here are the common mistakes to avoid during your road test.

Going to the Test With a Faulty Car

Even before you begin your test, the car you bring for the DMV test can put the examiner in an awful mood that may probably influence everything. There are requirements for a road test car that you should comply with. Ensure that you don’t turn up with just any vehicle.

Failure to Ensure Everything is in Order

One of the secrets to DMV road test scoring is to act like a pro when required. You might have turned up with a perfect car in perfect condition, but then you forget to buckle in, adjust the seat, or set the rearview mirror in a comfortable position. You may think these are minor mistakes, but the examiner will note them and, added to other errors, may bring down your chances of passing the test.

Rolling Stops

Another significant mistake to avoid during your road test in New York is making incomplete stops. Many drivers often slow down but do not come to a complete halt during the DMV road test. You must come to a full stop and be and the demarcation line. Ensure to stop before the line.

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Improper Lane Changing

it’s not challenging to signal your intention to change your lines; ensure you check mirrors and blind spots before changing the line. Ensure that you change your lines properly. When the examiner instructs you to change the lines, be sure first to look carefully, turn on your signals, turn your head to check any vehicle on your blind spot, check the side mirrorsand remember that it’s only when it is clear should you change the lines. Don’t forget to watch out for the traffic in front of you.

Distracted Driving

Ensure you keep your stereo and cell off during your driving test. This is common sense, but surprising many drivers fidgeting with other things while taking a driving test. Put your focus on the task at hand and keep your mind on the road.

The above mistakes made during the DMV road test can easily be avoided if you practice driving enough and take a 5 hour pre-licensing course. Get adequate sleep, follow safe driving practices, avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, and you will pass your DMV test.

Author: Flavia