West Forever: Western TV Series

West Forever: Western TV Series

Deadwood, 2004-2006

1876 The gold rush continued to roam the country, and it reached South Dakota. Deadwood has grown from a mining camp to a city level. Adventurers and seekers of easy money flocked here. No one paid attention to numerous crimes, they became a local norm. Any conflict was resolved with pistols. The unspoken owner of the city is the owner of the saloon, Ed Sverengen, but he also had competitors. Former Marshal Seth Bullock arrived in Deadwood, who, along with a business partner, was going to open a trading store. At the same time, Bullock planned to turn the city into a more decent place to live.

“Son”, 2017-2019

In 1849, the Comanche tribe captured the boy Eli and killed the rest of his family. The child was raised in accordance with the traditions and orders of the indigenous population, and soon he became one of the leaders of the tribe. Later, the grown-up white young man returned to civilized life. Oil was discovered on his land, and he founded a company that was later destined to become one of the industry leaders. In 1915, the already elderly Eli prepares to celebrate his birthday with his son Pete, at the same time entering into a confrontation with cattle thieves and raiders on oil rigs.

The series of the American channel Happy Season 3 is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Philip Mayer. “Son” is a large-scale epic about three generations of a Texas family. The role of the patriarch went to Pierce Brosnan, who rarely appears on the small screens, although Sam Neal was originally considered for it. But at the last moment, the Australian was forced to refuse for personal reasons.

“Hell on Wheels”, 2011-2016

1865, the Civil War has just ended. In Nebraska, residents of a village with the exotic name “Hell on Wheels” are busy building a transcontinental railroad that will connect the central states to the California coast. Cullen Bohanon, a former Confederate soldier, came here. He is looking for the killers of his wife and little son. For this southerner, the war is not over yet, only now he has more serious motivation.

The Anglo-Canadian Western has been one of the top hits on AMC for 5 years. The mobile camp is inhabited not only by the builders of the railway, but also by prostitutes, merchants, and seekers of a new life. Many were left with nothing after the Civil War and are now forced to start from scratch. Lively and contradictory characters, coupled with excellent camera work and finely selected country music, are able to rivet to the screen for a long time.

The 100 Best TV Series of All Time

Longmire, 2012-2017

Walt Longmire is the sheriff of one of the counties in Wyoming. After the death of his wife, he returns to work. To forget about his beloved, he is completely immersed in current affairs. His new assistant is Victoria, who previously served as a homicide detective in Philadelphia. It seems that in the wilderness, the crime rate should be much lower than in the bustling metropolis, but there is an Indian reservation nearby, and the indigenous people settle disputes in the old fashioned way and do not like to turn to the authorities for help. In each episode of Vagabond Season 2, Longmire and his assistant will certainly solve one case, faithfully following the laws of the police procedure.

Walker, 2021 -…

Cordell Walker returns to his native Austin. After unknown persons killed his wife, he came to his senses for two years, working undercover. At home, a large family is waiting for him, including a daughter and a son. The children are offended by their father, who actually abandoned them at the moment when they lost their mother. Walker loves to drink and does not always follow the letter of the law (for example, he can break a potential criminal’s nose during arrest). He unexpectedly quickly finds a common language with his partner Mika – one of the first women in the history of Texas Rangers. In addition, the man feels that his wife’s killers are roaming around somewhere, and this thought haunts him.

The Overlord Anime Season 4 series is a remake of the cult series “Cool Walker: Texas Justice”, which aired from 1993 to 2001. If in the original Chuck Norris played the role of the ranger, now Jared Padalecki is becoming the fighter for justice in the modern Wild West. For 15 years he has faithfully expelled various evil spirits from our world in the image of Sam Winchester in the TV series Supernatural .


Hatfields & McCoys, 2012

The end of the Civil War, two neighbors (Anderson Hatfield and Randall McCoy) returned to their families. One of them fought for the South, the other for the North, and this was the reason for many years of enmity, with accusations and abuse, fights and shootings. Soon everyone forgot how it all started. For decades, the Hatfields and McCoys, who lived on opposite sides of the river on the border between West Virginia and Kentucky, successfully killed each other. According to official data, as a result of their enmity, 10 people died and the same number were injured. Now their descendants are forced to constantly move in order not to become new victims of the senseless war of childbirth.

Klondike, 2014

The very end of the 19th, the time of the last gold rush. Two friends (Bill Haskell and Byron Epstein) dreamed of getting rich quickly, and therefore went from New York to Dawson, Canada, on the Yukon River. The pockets are empty, but the eyes burned. Already in these parts of the guys luck will surely smile. They were not afraid of any dangers and clashes with other miners. In addition, they still have debts in the Big Apple, so young people are definitely in no hurry to return there.

The series is based on the novel “Gold Miners: Getting Rich Quickly in the Klondike” by Canadian Charlotte Gray. Produced by Ridley Scott, this first Discovery Channel original is like a youth adventure novel. Because of this, the authors do not focus on rampant violence and bed scenes. The main role was played by the Scotsman Richard Madden (aka Robb Stark), and the prototype of his character was a real person who went to the Yukon River at the end of the nineteenth century in the hope of getting fabulously rich.

“Justice”, 2010-2015

Kentucky, our days. Marshal Reylan Givens follows the 19th century guardian style. He used to work in Miami, but then he shot a tough crime boss, and they decided to transfer him out of harm’s way. He does not need partners, he always acts alone. On his head – a wide-brimmed hat, in his hands – a revolver. From his radical methods, hair stands on the head not only of criminals, but also of Givens’ bosses. In his native land, the lawyer encounters his father, childhood friends and even his ex-wife Winona, whom he still loves.

The main stars of the series are Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins (Givens’ eccentric old friend). Both have been nominated for an Emmy award once. “Justice” lasted on the air of the FX channel for 6 seasons, captivating viewers with bright characters and tragicomic morals of the provincial state. The series is based on a short story by the American writer Elmore Leonard, “Prepare, Explode!”, Published in 2000.

“Damnation”, 2017-2018

The times of the Great Depression. The economic crisis has affected the entire country, the government is barely able to contain popular unrest. The situation is tense to the limit. The mysterious preacher Seth Davenport comes to a small provincial town in Iowa. His past is dark. He is not so much concerned with religion as with the local industrial tycoon. The priest organizes protest actions of workers in the factory of a rich man, inspires people with revolutionary ideas and quotes Marx. The entrepreneur hires a special person (his name is Creeley Turner) who must stop the pest pastor.

The USA Network project outside the United States is owned by Netflix. Originally the winning role of Seth Davenport was supposed to go to Aden Young, the star of Mistakes of the Past, but due to creative differences he never started filming. One of the producers of The Curse is Logan’s director James Mangold. The Asterisk War Season 3 series does not strive for historical accuracy, often moving in its style towards graphic novels.

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