Red Flags That You Shouldn’t Buy That Used Car

Red Flags That You Shouldn’t Buy That Used Car

Four Signs That You Need to Watch Out For

Searching for a used car is easy. All you need to do these days is Google the phrase “used cars near me” and you’ll get hundreds of results back to look through. Finding a used car isn’t the problem. The challenge is finding a used car that is in good condition and within your budget.

In order to find your proverbial diamond in the rough, you have to know which red flags to look out for. A buyer’s worst nightmare is purchasing a used car that immediately breaks down or has some other issue.

To help simplify the process, here are the top four red flags to watch out for when buying a used car.

#1 – A Suspiciously Low or High Price

The Internet allows you to check the approximate value of the used car that you’re looking at based on its condition, mileage, and other factors. This should provide a solid baseline of how much you should be paying for the car that you’re looking at. However, some sellers will go way outside this range.

If the price they list the car for is suspiciously low, then there might be a problem with the car that the seller wants to pass along to you. If the price is suspiciously high, then that means that the seller is trying to price gouge you.

#2 – Pushy or Sketchy Seller

All sellers are motivated to sell their used cars. That’s nothing new. What you need to watch out for are the salespeople that are extremely aggressive or sketchy with their tactics. If you get a bad vibe from a salesperson, don’t be afraid to trust your gut and walk away. There are plenty of fish in the sea in the world of used cars.

#3 – The Car is in Very Poor Condition

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Any used car seller that is trying to put their best foot forward will make sure the car is in the best condition possible when showing it. If you arrive and the car is dirty, filled with trash/personal items, or otherwise in a bad state – walk away. If the seller couldn’t be bothered to make the car look presentable, they certainly haven’t been taking care of it.

#4 – Missing Paperwork

The correct paperwork always needs to be present when buying a used car. Make sure that the title, bill of sale, VIN verification, recent service records, and any paperwork required by the state are all on your checklist. This is more an issue with private sellers than it is with used car dealerships.

How to Find a Reliable Used Car Near You

If you want to make sure that the used car you’re buying is going to be reliable, then you should look into certified pre-owned used vehicles. Vehicles that are certified pre-owned have undergone a comprehensive inspection and are typically up to date on all maintenance and routine services.

Additionally, many certified pre-owned vehicles come with some form of a limited warranty. This ensures that the car you’re buying has at least some coverage on it in the event of a mishap. You can kick off your search right now by Googling “certified pre-owned cars near me” or similar phrases.

Author: Flavia