Reflecting on the Brisbane Truck Show

Reflecting on the Brisbane Truck Show

The Brisbane Truck Show focuses on all things related to transport and logistics; perfect for Oceanic Direct. From the 13th to 16th of May 2021, the Brisbane Truck Show highlighted a range of products including various truck vehicles. The trucks all looked appealing and well presented, perfect for any prospective buyers that attended the show. As a result, exhibitors had the opportunity to expand their client base and form a range of new business agreements. Brisbane was buzzing with events as a result of the truck show, including Bulk Tanker Days at the Brisbane Showground, Civil Construction Field Days at Hamilton Northshore, activations, conferences, launches, and dinners. Throughout the week, there were six themes explored with great success: innovation, safety, sustainability, careers, knowledge, and community.

They achieved their mission of increasing awareness of the show and taking advantage of the opportunity to educate the industry and engage attendees and even the general public.

The event endeavoured to tell its story to the entire community and spread awareness about how important it is to have high-quality and safe heavy vehicles in the community. With a showing of focus on research and development, evolving transport and logistics as an industry, remaining innovation, and remarkable upcoming vehicles.

Many other heavy vehicle automobile companies showcased their product to general buyers, and companies who attended. The event was an informational platform while many visitors entertained themselves with charity shows, live music, extended trading, discounts, vouchers, and several challenges.

The Job Hub was another new initiative at the event, which offered the industry a unique opportunity to advertise various jobs and allowed job seekers to explore the nature of the job with practical visibility, and face-to-face discussion with company representatives. Whether they were a young person seeking a starting job in the industry or someone looking to switch careers, it is a great initiative to get new faces into the transport and logistics sector, especially as it surged during 2020.

The KPMG Insights Centre was another highlight of the Australian heavy vehicle industry week, at the Brisbane Truck Show. Over the four days of the show, there were free seminars and the opportunity for visitors to hear valuable information, found as a result of KPMG insights that could help them to improve their businesses.

Since truckers don’t have a lot of opportunities to network, this was a great way for them to reach each other and share knowledge amongst one another. The Brisbane Economic Development Agency also hosted an exceptional Executive Club event for industry leaders -an initiative targeted at establishing lasting relationships, exchanging ideas, and networking.

The launch of this event was made possible by amazing collaborations. The organisers partnered with the South Bank Corporation, representing the local traders, thanks to the assistance of Brisbane EDA. Little Stanley Street was closed to display trucks and trailers, and there was extended trading, and a package of discounts and vouchers.

Overall, it was a great event for local businesses and organizations in the industry.  The Brisbane truck show inspired many, no matter if they are new to the industry or have been around transport and logistics for decades.

Since you can’t have trucks without tyres, events like this also help businesses such as Oceanic Direct, supply their tyres to businesses with quality fleets of trucks. Oceanic Direct are one of the leaders in tyre supply, and they carry an exclusive range of the best truck tyres on the market. If you have been at the Brisbane Truck Show, and purchased new vehicles, or just realised you need new tyres then get in contact with the expert at Oceanic Direct to lead you in the right direction.

Author: Flavia