Understand the Different Kinds of Brake Services

Out of all the different parts of your car, your brakes may be the one part that affects your safety most of all. The ability to stop your car is essential to safely operating the vehicle. This is why it is so important to have your brakes serviced regularly. It is good enough to roll into your mechanic’s shop and ask to have your brakes serviced every 50,000 miles, but if you know a little more about how your brakes work and what kind of service they really need, you can save yourself a great deal of hassle and money.

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Types of Service

There are essentially two types of brake services. The more traditional option is what you probably think of when you hear the words, “Mechanic shop.” It is an establishment that you drive your vehicle to and the mechanics there take a look at it and do whatever work is needed. Click here if you want to know about brake pads and rotors replacement cost.

There is another option that many people are not even aware of. Brakes only mobile service is an alternative where the mechanics come to you. You can just place a call and the mobile service will arrive shortly and can do all the same kinds of work. This is a useful option if your car is unsafe to drive, which would make it difficult to get it to the shop. Mobile brake service can also be a good option as an alternative to hiring a tow truck if your car breaks down unexpectedly in a location other than your home. And, of course, sometimes it may simply be more convenient to save yourself a trip.

Brake Repair and Other Services

There are many different types of brake services. Your mechanic should be able to tell you what work is needed, but knowing how to tell for yourself can be quite useful.

  • Brake pad replacement – the most common type of service is a simple job to replace the worn out brake pads. This should be done regularly.
  • Disc/Drum brake repair – There are two types of brakes. Some cars have just one or the other and some have both. Knowing whether you have disc or drum brakes affect the needed service.
  • Brake Calipers – Another common part of the brake system that needs repair is the calipers.
  • Brake System Flush – Just like your oil that needs occasional changing, you should also change your brake fluid occasionally.

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If you do not plan to do the service yourself, then you should find a mechanic or mobile brake service that handles all these tasks.

Author: Flavia