What Are the Prices for Towing Services?

What Are the Prices for Towing Services?

Figuring out how much money to charge for the business’s various Towing Tampa Services is one of the aspects of the towing industry that is the most difficult to master. It is common knowledge that the towing industry as a whole does not have the best reputation in the public eye. Because of this, maintaining competitive prices while also being able to keep the establishment running, make a profit, and pay business expenses can be challenging, but it is essential that we get this aspect of our business model correct.

The difficult aspect is when customers try to find an explicit monetary figure on the website of a towing firm but are unsuccessful. This is primarily due to the fact that every circumstance is unique, and the majority of the time, there are just too many moving parts at play. The price range may be different from one company to the next, but all of these companies adhere to a standard formula for pricing their products.

If you have been wondering how towing businesses charge their services, continue reading to find out more information about this topic.

 Expenses Related To Running A Company

Towing companies begin the process of calculating their starting pricing point by first factoring in their business expenses. There is a straightforward formula that any company can apply in order to derive a general sense of the price range in which they should be operating. The cost of doing business (per job) plus the return on investment (ROI) plus the value of the equipment, its maintenance, and its replacement.

Now, when it comes to analyzing the cost of doing business, the majority of towing firms list rent, fuel expenses, marketing, insurance, staff compensation, phones, utility expenses, computers, and office supplies among their expenses. Damages, taxes, bank service charges, credit card bills, legal fees, and license fees are some of the additional costs that may be associated with operating a business from time to time.

Keeping track of every single dollar that is spent in this category can prove to be a difficult task. To simplify the process of keeping tabs on all of their various costs, the majority of towing companies make use of a distinct bank account that is dedicated just to their business. It is not unheard of for businesses to make use of accounting software as a standard practice in order to keep themselves apprised of the costs associated with maintaining their operations.

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When businesses want to determine how much it costs them to run their operations, they first total all of the costs associated with running the business, including any mortgages or interest paid on real estate and equipment, and then divide that total by the number of transactions that took place in a given year. This provides them with an idea of how much money is typically spent on calls.

For example, if the cost of doing business is $150,000 and the company received 5,000 calls in a given year, then the ratio of those two numbers is 30. In this scenario, the overhead cost associated with each call is $30.


The Profit Made On The Investment

Return on investment is critical to every organization and corporation out there since it concerns how much profit they earn or intend to make off of their initial investment, and it is important to know how much profit they make or hope to make (towing equipment). The worth of their trucks, equipment, and real estate (or at least the portion of real estate they operate from), after taking into account taxes, is the information that is used in the calculation of the return on investment.

They begin by calculating how much they initially invested in their towing business, and then move on to determining the range of acceptable profits for their business. So, let’s say the value of their investment totals up to $400,000 once everything is said and done. After then, if the business wants to make a profit of 10% or 15%, they multiply that $400,000 by the percentage of profit they want to achieve, then divide the resulting number by the total number of calls they made in that year.

This should look something like this: 400,000 multiplied by fifteen percent equals sixty thousand, and sixty thousand divided by five thousand is twelve. In this particular scenario, the initial cost of doing business needs to have an additional twelve dollars added to it in order for the company to achieve a profit of fifteen percent

 Equipment Value And Replacement

Towing firms factor in the cost of their trucks and other equipment, as well as the cost of upkeep, repairs, and even the possibility of replacing that equipment, when determining the price of their services. It should go without saying, but trucks are also an expense for towing companies. This is due to the fact that every time a towing business sends out one of their cars, the truck’s mileage increases. This indicates that the value of used equipment depreciates slightly with each time it is put to use. In addition, after a significant amount of use and abuse, these trucks will eventually require replacement with superior automobiles that are equipped with more cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, the value of the equipment, maintenance costs, and replacement costs ought to all be accounted for within the overall service rates. The guideline of charging one dollar per mile is typically adhered to by the majority of towing businesses. For instance, if the trucks travel a combined total of 80,000 miles each year, then they need to generate $80,000 in revenue from the 5,000 calls they made during that time period. Therefore, 80,000 divided by 5,000 equals 16. That comes out to an average of $16 for each call, which is added to both the return on investment and the cost of conducting business.

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